"Proud to have served 30 years and continuing to fight for you"

Fighting for Veterans – I will ensure we close the benefit gaps between retiring Reservist and retiring Active Component Soldiers.  Today, Reserve Soldiers, who retire, are priced out of the health care benefits and service life insurance.  I will see that retired Reserve Soldiers can purchase TriCare, SGLI, and continue these benefits up to age 60.

Fighting for Small Business Breaks – I will place emphasis on expanding opportunities for small business with more access to federal tax breaks and tax incentives, start-up funds, health-care expansion, local job-creation incentives and a gradual increase in the minimum wage for companies that can afford it.

Fighting for the safety of our Families - I will push for absolute assurances of banning weapons from schools, synagogues or worship centers, shopping malls and stores, and our schools.  

Fighting for Healthy Families – I will push for more controls over produce imports from Mexico and Central American, ensuring safeguards from genetically modified crops.  There would be a stronger emphasis on full disclosure of hormones, pesticides, and crops that have no nutritional value and almost unfit for human consumption.  

Fighting for Equal Pay for Women can cut poverty in half, boost wages significantly, AND grow the economy. Women make up nearly half of our nation's workforce, yet from warehouse to boardrooms, their talent and hard work are not reflected in their paycheck. On average women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to men. It time to close the gap.

Fighting for Term Limits – I will push for term limits in Congress for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  A Congressman could serve no more than 5 terms or 10 years and a Senator could serve no more than 2 terms or 12 years.

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