“Proud to have served 30 years and continuing to fight for you”

Fighting for Affordable Health Care – We all need access to effective and affordable health care. I will fight to improve the ACA (“Obamacare”) so that more families get the care they need without going to an ER, which raises everyone’s insurance premiums. We can improve the ACA so that it does not create overly burdensome demands on small businesses and instead support the small business person in continuing to be the engine of job growth.

Fighting for Flood Control Improvements – Allison was a warning to improve flood control in our district. In the wake of the pain and destruction caused by Harvey, I will earmark $1 Billion for flood control improvements so vital for protecting our families and neighborhoods.

Fighting for Immigration Reform & Protection – Undocumented immigrants who came here as children, “Dreamers”, have served and fallen in the Armed Forces in the service of our country. I will work to pass DACA so that all Dreamers can emerge from the shadows and contribute to our society, as well as pay taxes and contribute to our social security trust fund. Breaking up families serves no one. We need strong border control and a sensible, productive way to bring the parents out of the shadows as well.

Fighting for Small Business Incentives – I will work tirelessly to expand opportunities for small business, growing employment opportunities for the community as well as profits for the entrepreneur. We will smooth access to start-up funds, federal tax breaks and federal incentives. We will work to make the ACA more small business friendly as well as work for gradual increases in the minimum wage that support business.

Fighting for Gun Safety & Background Checks – I hunt. [I own a xyz rifle.] I support the 2nd Amendment. And more people die each year from gunshots than from car accidents. I will work to ban weapons from schools, churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship, from shopping malls and stores and from our schools. Other reasonable limits must be imposed: It is literally insane that an individual deemed mentally unfit to receive their own Social Security check – even an individual on the TSA Terrorist No-Fly List! – will pass a background check to purchase a semi-automatic rifle at WalMart.

Fighting for Equal Pay for Women can cut poverty in half, boost wages significantly, AND grow the economy. Women make up nearly half of our nation’s workforce, yet from warehouse to boardrooms, their talent and hard work are not reflected in their paycheck. On average women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar paid to men. It time to close the gap.

Fighting for Veterans – I’m a 30 year Veteran, so I know where the problems are. I will ensure we close the benefit gaps between retiring Reservist and retiring Active Component Soldiers. Today, Reserve Soldiers, who retire, are priced out of the health care benefits and service life insurance. I will see that retired Reserve Soldiers can purchase TriCare, SGLI, and continue these benefits up to age 60.

Fighting for Our Schools – Our public schools made possible the American economic boom of the 20th Century by creating an educated work force out of the entire country. We must revitalize and improve our schools and insist that anyone who heads the Department of Education be a product of our public school system. I will work hard to close the gap between private and public schools.

Fighting for Healthy Families – I will push to improve the DARK Act, allowing better control over produce imports from Mexico and Central American and ensuring safeguards from genetically modified crops. We will work to require full disclosure of hormones, pesticides, and crops that have no nutritional value and are all but unfit for human consumption.

Fighting for Term Limits – I will push for term limits in Congress for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. A Congressman could serve no more than 5 terms or 10 years and a Senator could serve no more than 2 terms or 12 years.